We come to this work in ministry with substantial life experience and a spirit  with which we trust we can offer others the understanding of life's lessons we have learned, and guide others on the path to spiritual awareness and Christ consciousness
that we all travel together in this life on earth.
United Divine Freedom Church

of the Healing Christ
About Us
United Divine Freedom Church is incorporated and located in New York City, and was founded by Pastor Sedare Coradin-Mercer, a Christian Minister and United Divine Science Practitioner.  Rev. Sedare was ordained by Rev. Dr. Christopher L. Bazemore of the Church of the Holy Spirit (United Divine Science) in Largo, Maryland.  Rev. Dr. Bazemore also is Dean of the United Divine Science Seminary.  Rev. Sedare earned a Master's Degree in Finance, with Distinction, from Long Island University in New York, and is the Director of Finance for a leading New York hospital system.   She is an Executive Board member and a life member of the International New Thought Alliance (INTA), and President of the Divine Science Ministers Association.
In September 2009, Rev. Dr. C. William Mercer joined Rev. Sedare as Senior Staff Minister.  Rev. Will also is a Christian Minister and United Divine Science Practitioner, ordained by Rev. Dr. Bazemore.  Rev. Will is Vice President of the Divine Science Ministers Association, a member of INTA and a popular New York City Wedding Officiant.

Malinda Cramer began teaching classes in 1887, and in May 1888 chartered The Home College of Divine Science, for educational, ethical and religious purposes; for instruction in Divine Science and its therapeutic application - the Christ Method of Healing.   In her book Divine Science and Healing, she writes "My purpose was to logically show the conclusions that must necessarily be drawn from a true knowledge of The Statement of Being and The Law of Expression.  With that determination I have persevered in bringing out the detail of Truth and presenting it as Divine Science."  Malinda Cramer's first spiritual experience as a practitioner was her own healing which came with the recognition that the Power of Healing is God.  Malinda Cramer was connected with many of the early New Thought leaders and taught classes in Chicago at the Emma Curtis Hopkins School, and in Kansas for Charles and Myrtle Fillmore with whom she was associated for almost fourteen years. Cramer worked for unity among the scientists. Under her direction, the International Divine Science Association was formed in 1892 to unite all Scientists (the precursor of the International New Thought Alliance).  Malinda Cramer taught Unity of Life and the Divinity of All Living.  She wrote "Do you wonder at my earnestness in preaching the gospel of freedom, or at my determination to do all in my power to forward this movement of Truth and extend it throughout the world, and bring all to a knowledge of the Truth of Unity and Brotherhood?  This  consciousness of Being has been the one and only basis for all the work in which I am now engaged, or have been instrumental in inauguration." 

It is in this spirit that we, Reverend Sedare and Reverend Will consciously offer this service of Love to God, the 'Mighty I AM Presence' for the Healing of All, that they too may know, see and feel the power and Omnipresence of GOD in their being and world.

Reverend Malinda E. Cramer, Founder of Divine Science, and Author of:
    Divine Science and Healing
    Divine Science - Its Principle and Practice
    Hidden Harmony
    Excerpts from Harmony Magazine:
        Come Unto Me - Vol. 1 - The Light
        Come Unto Me - Vol. 2 - Job
        Come unto Me - Vol. 3 - The Christ

Famous Divine Science luminaries include:
        Emmet Fox
            Science of Living
            The Sermon on the Mount
            Diagrams for Living: The Bible Unveiled
            Keys of Life and Health - Denials &
                Affirmations & Treatments
            Make Your Life Worthwhile

        W. John Murray
            Astor Lectures      
            Course in Divine Science
            Realm of Reality
            Mental Medicine
            New Thoughts on Old Doctrines

        Joseph Murphy
            Magic of Faith
            Prayer is the Answer
            Traveling With God
            How to Attract Money
            Peace Within Your Self
            The Power of the Subconscious Mind

        Ernest Holmes
            The Science of Mind
            Creative Mind
            This Thing Called You
        Fannie B. James
            Truth and Health
            Selected Bible Readings & Meditation
            Divine Science - Its Principle & Practice

        Nona L. Brooks
            Short Lessons in Divine Science

Famous New Thought luminaries include:
        Emma Curtis Hopkins
               Scientific Christian Mental Practice
                High Mysticism
                Bible Interpretations

        Charles Fillmore
                Jesus Christ Heals
                Talks on Truth